Your American Dream

The very first dream

I was the very first dream.

I was the prayer prayed each and every night.

I allowed poems to be written, songs to be sung.

I made wagons give way to locomotives, ships’ sails to engines that prowled the seas.

I allowed villages to become cities with heights that scraped the skies.

I stayed until I was not welcomed. I left seeking new arms to embrace, new minds to enflame.

I lived near the rocky coasts of the Aegean and then Mare Nostrum for a brief time.

The quill disappeared with the appearance of type to spread my words to each soul that

could read, that could hope, that could dream.

New lands as new thoughts occurred when minds were sufficiently stretched that their sacred

shores would become temples of secret prayers.

That is how I found you or may I say, that is how I allowed you to find me.

I thought you worthy and stood with you at Bunker Hill, Valley Forge, and finally at Yorktown.

I made sure your path remained illuminated and gave you Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and

Thomas Paine.

You stumbled, so I gave you Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King.

I gave you senators, congressmen to represent your thinking and courts to hear your


You wanted the promise of change and I gave you the freedom of choice.

Think of all the blessings borne of my name; for I am FREEDOM and I

come at a dear price. I must be revered. I must be valued, studied, and pursued. I must never be

taken for granted.

If you do as I ask, I will never desert you.

I shall always remain your American Dream.

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