Thou Shall Not Kill

I don’t know about you, but I’m thoroughly disgusted with the gun violence in this country. It has to stop. We can’t legislate common sense and mental stability, but we can pass legislation and the necessary administration that make the ability to obtain handguns more difficult by those committing heinous actions.

I know there are the second ammenders that are against any rigidity, but with rights there comes responsibility. Could you imagine if the automobile was available during the creation of the constitution and it was protected the way the right to bear arms is protected? It might have sounded something like this: “What do you mean you’re going to regulate how fast I can go! It’s my right to go as fast as I want. Inspections? You want me to prove my car’s in good shape? I’ve got to register my car? I don’t want the government to know anything about my car.” Seems pretty ridiculous doesn’t it. But we accept regulation and the responsibility for transportation, that which was designed and engineered for our convenience and don’t accept the responsibility and regulation for that which was designed for killing.

During this election year we have to get our priorities in order. Please let those who are running for office know that it’s time we get this right. That rights are accompanied with responsibilities and guns are kept out of the hands of those not responsible.

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