My Thoughts

I live in a house with fourteen cats. They give me the privilege of their company by feeding them twice a day, cleaning nine litter boxes twice a day, and watching them stretch out on a couple of beds, couches, and various chairs.

It’s been over twenty years since I’ve been a cat man. I was introduced to the feline wonders by my former wife. During that period of time, they had a profound impact on my life.

At first they were viewed as pets, cute and playful. They kept me company through the painful process of divorce. Then an amazing transformation took place, not with them, with me.

I began noticing that which was always there, that which previously I failed to notice. I looked but did not see. My fabulous felines were demonstrating acts of friendship, courage, love, being unstoppable, and most of all, they lived each moment with the complete joy of being alive. They stopped being pets and emerged to what they always were and always will be, my most precious companions.

I know what I discovered is not unique. I’m sure you have been blessed with precious companions. That makes me feel real good; good for all you two legged and four legged critters.

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Thank you.

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