For Those They Loved

Hello Friends;

There are so many things to blog about during this invigorating time of year. As summer turns to fall and the trees put on their beautiful coats of the season. There’s back to school with all the bustle that entails. I could write about my cats, all fourteen of them and all the merriment they represent. Instead, I must write about a topic that pains and brings sadness to my heart.

Another shooting has occurred. Another senseless spilling of blood has robbed mothers and fathers of their sons and daughters. Students in their senior years searching for knowledge. Younger students looking to improve their lot in life. And those just looking to increase their knowledge, their wisdom gunned down inside the halls of learning.

It’s almost a perverse, sick joke that such places are selected for death and desecration. Places that offer hope, these should be the temples of safety. Instead, they were selected to be the graveyard of dreams.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough blood-letting. I’ve seen too many families bury their loved ones. And, I’ve had enough of politicians doing nothing, when doing nothing was in their best interests. It’s time to take to the streets. It’s time to mobilize our thoughts and our actions. It’s time in a time of election to inform the powers to be that we are not going to sit idly by and watch the slaughter continue. We may not have the monies of an NRA. But we have each other and we have the vote. We can hold feet to the fire of those running for election to either make this cause their cause or to look for new employment. This should be our mantra. This should be our cause.

For all that have died. For all the families and friends who have died with them, let us say no more.

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